Sanyo Japan Introduces Solar Parking Lot for Electric Bikes

Concept image of Sanyo's solar bike lot

About a month ago I returned from a long vacation in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and what I loved the most was the excellent transportation system of trams and subways and of course the dutch bikes! Most bikes were the traditional petal powered but I did occasionally see an electric bike. When I taught English in Japan almost over ten years ago, there weren’t any electric bikes to be seen but now they are all the rage in Japan.  Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd is on the right eco path their recent announcement that they will introduce a solar bicycle parking lot in southern Japan at the Tokushima Prefectural Government office along with three of Sanyo’s electric hybrid bikes ‘eneloop’  bikes in March 2009. Well bravo to Sanyo and I hope the lot and bikes head to sunny California soon.

via Crunch Gear

And although most U.S. citizen drive cars instead of bikes, there is still hope for those of us not able to give up our vehicles. This ebooks offers surprising information about converting your vehicle in to an energy saving electric car.

Convert Your Car into Electric

And for those of us who live in the sunny West Coast states who are interested in saving money in our current economic crisis, find information on how to build your own solar power system.

Build Your Own Solar Power System


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