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Japan’s Eco Technology(VIDEO)

Video of Eco technology expo in Tokyo from December 2008.

Eco Product #1: Water heating boiler fueled by old newspapers.

Eco Product#2: Plant watering system that uses recycled plastic bottles.

Eco Product #3: Thin solar panel that only needs reflected/indirect light to power small devices.

Eco Product #4: Hand crank operated that usesĀ  absolutely no water.

via Japan Probe

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Eco-Cleaning: Hire Out!?!

We all know that there are many Eco friendly cleaning options inĀ  our cabinets at home. Use vinegar and water to clean the windows, use shamwoo instead of paper towels to clean up spills. But if you are too busy and want you office or home cleaned in the right Eco-friendly way, call on Purr Eco Home Service. Based in the UK, Puur Eco Home Services housekeepers use only nontoxic and biodegradable products. And if you are in Atlanta, Georgia, give Eco Clean Atlanta a call to green clean your home. And an added plus with Eco Clean Atlanta is they incorporate aromatherapy in their cleaning process. So you can really relax, breathe deeply with the fresh scent of essential oils floating through you home and also knowing that no animals( or the environment) was harmed to achieve it.

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