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Eco-Cleaning: Hire Out!?!

We all know that there are many Eco friendly cleaning options inĀ  our cabinets at home. Use vinegar and water to clean the windows, use shamwoo instead of paper towels to clean up spills. But if you are too busy and want you office or home cleaned in the right Eco-friendly way, call on Purr Eco Home Service. Based in the UK, Puur Eco Home Services housekeepers use only nontoxic and biodegradable products. And if you are in Atlanta, Georgia, give Eco Clean Atlanta a call to green clean your home. And an added plus with Eco Clean Atlanta is they incorporate aromatherapy in their cleaning process. So you can really relax, breathe deeply with the fresh scent of essential oils floating through you home and also knowing that no animals( or the environment) was harmed to achieve it.


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Perfect for Valentine’s Day: Eco-Friendly Undies

Eco-Friendly and Sexy French Undies

Sexy and Eco French Lingerie from g=9.8

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I thought now would be the perfect time to take a closer at romantic gift ideas for that Eco-friendly loved one. Yes, I know some of you are thinking the words ‘ecology’ and ‘romance’ aren’t normally used in the same sentence but there are some great Eco-friendly options available online that will let even the hard core Eco-defender add a touch of romance this Valentine’s Day.

SuperNaturale.com: D.I.Y: Undies

In this current economic crisis everyone is looking for ways to save money on this Valentine’s Day from home made dinners to massage oils. But how about taking that red t-shirt and crafting it into a pair of sexy undies. Super Naturale offers instructions and patterns to turn your old or new t-shirts into a new pair of panties or boxers.


Pants to Poverty: Fair Traded Undies

Pants to Poverty offers a wide range of underwear for both men and women made from fair trade cotton in fun and comfy designs from prints to chemical and dye free options.


Vive la France: Eco-Friendly French Lingerie

The French have been considered the leaders in the area of romance. ThereforeĀ  should be no surprise that a french company, g=9.8, offers a line of great Eco-friendly lingerie, stockings and lounge wear made from cultivated pine and manufactured in France.

www.g98.fr (French and English)

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